2016 Season


Director Debbie Keyt
Musical Director Rhonda Vaughan
Choreographer Camilla Klesman

The musical made famous by John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John's on-screen performances comes to Beaumaris Theatre! Enter the highly stylised world of high-school in the fifties, replete with fast cars, cool guys and gorgeous girls.

grease dl copy.png


Sandy Amy Gridley

Danny Ash Cooper

Rizzo Amelia Little

Kenickie Fraser Mitchell

Frenchy Kate Seinfeld

Marty Amy Harrington

Jan Ebony Erez

Doody Josh Pratt

Roger Chris Hunter

Sonny Stuart Anderson

Teen Angel Justin Royce

Patty Chloe Sinclair

Cha-Cha Daniella Boynton

Eugene Justin Keyt

Miss Lynch Sue Hand

Vince Fontaine Mark Christie

Johnny Casino Dean Di Christo

Flowers For Algernon

Director Jane Court
Assistant Directors Fraser Mitchell / Dean Mitrousis

Based on a sci-fi short story and subsequent novel, Flowers for Algernon is a play which follows a period in the life of Charlie Gordon, a mentally-disabled man who becomes the test subject for a new intelligence-enhancing surgical technique. But what are the side-effects? And is the life of a genius all it's cracked up to be?

Congratulations to Mark Briggs on his Victorian Drama League Award for his portrayal of Charlie.



Charlie Mark Briggs
Dr Strauss Genevieve Neve
Professor Nemur Marcus Connor
Alice Kinian Ebony Erez
Burt Sheldon Ronnie Feldman
Doris Mandy Lay
Nurse Lana Stojanovic
Joe Stuart Scullin
Frank Stephen White
Mrs Donner Kerry Hollier
Gina Mandy Lay
Mrs Feldman Lana Stojanovic
Matt Gordon Colin Sephton
Rose Gordon Margot Sephton
Ellen Candice Bennett
Norma as a child Arabelle Jeffrey / Madeleine Maes
Charlie as a teenager Rad Valance
Charlie as a child Sol Stark / Tyg Valance
Bernice Mandy Lay
Connie Fiona Williams
Mrs Mooney Loreta Murphy
Mrs Nemur Lana Stojanovic
Jackie Wellberg Kerry Hollier
Anne Wellberg Fiona Williams
Hyram Harvey Stephen White
Norma Gordon Candice Bennett

Avenue Q

Director & Choreographer Leah Osburn
Musical Director Malcom Huddle
Assistant Director Kristina Doucouliagos

Ever felt like The Muppets was good, but really needed a spicy sex scene? Or that Sesame Street had a certain aesthetic appeal, but that its discussion of race-relations was naive and, frankly, boringly inoffensive? Well, incredibly, you're not alone! And what's more, the market has moved to meet the demand. The result is Avenue Q: an irreverent musical comedy where the humour is adult and the cast are (mostly) puppets.



Princeton / Rod Josh Pratt

Kate / Lucy Amanda Rotberg

Nicky / Trekkie Joel Norman-Hade

Christmas Eve Ebony Erez

Brian Dan Bellis 

Gary Coleman Jessica Kaplonyi

Bad Idea Bear Alexandria Avery

Bad Idea Bear Chris Hunter

One For the Pot

Director Keith Hutton

Jonathan Hardcastle, a wealthy mill owner, wants to pay tribute to a late employee and close friend by giving a handsome amount of cash to the person he believes to be the only surviving relative of the deceased, namely his son Billy, providing there are no other surviving relatives. Hardcastle places an advertisement in the newspaper to trace Billy and that's when the fun starts...!

One_For_The_Pot_Flier copy.png


Billy Hickory Wood Travis Handcock

Charlie Barnet Kieran Tracey

Jugg Mark Briggs

Jonathan Hardcastle Eric Heyes

Amy Hardcastle Pip Le Blond

Cynthia Hardcastle Becky Lee

Winnie Hickory Wood Eleni Miller

Arnold Piper Rob Coulson

Weaver Div Collins