A Chorus Line

Director Debbie Keyt
Musical Director Rhonda Vaughan
Choreographer Camilla Klesman

A Chorus Line provides a glimpse into the personalities of the performers and the choreographer as they describe the events that have shaped their lives and their decisions to become dancers.

Congratulations to Katie White on her Music Theatre Guild of Victoria commendation and Dancers Award - the Tony McShanagh Award.


Zach Damian Calvert                     Lari (Larissa) Esmé James                    Cassie Katie White
Sheila Alicia Loftus                       Val Nicola Morrison                               Diana Charlotte Robins
Judy Shelby Brooks                       Kristine Aynsley Mitchell                      Maggie Chelsea Adams
Bebe Alana Spencer                      Connie Ellie Martin                                Mike Nicholas Armstrong
Richie Will McDonal                      Don Ryan Turner                                    Paul Liam McWhinney
Mark Paddy Robinson                    Greg Xavier Goring                               Bobby Elijah Ziegeler
Al Joe Melhem                              Vicki Kate Jackson                                Tricia Kellie Macquire
Fran Jess Zintschenko                   Donna Mikyla Rhind                              Lois Tahlia McDonald
Tammy Sarah Green                      Joy Aoife Barker


A Night of Dark Intent

Director Lyn Laister

A thriller in which six women must race against the clock to solve a murder and to save their own lives. A Night of Dark Intent is the perfect night of theatre for any mystery lover.


Holly Emily Holding
Deputy Terry Alana Spencer
Miranda Loreta Murphy
Lenora Katie Macfie
Mrs Thurmin Pauline Keeley
Wilma Kirsty Hall
Gretchen Kellie Macquire
Ingrid Kate Seinfeld


August: Osage County

Director Fred Pezzimenti

The Pullitzer Prize-winning black comedy about the dysfunctional Weston family, who are forced to come together and confront their personal demons after tragedy strikes.

Congratulations to Jacob Machin on his Victorian Drama League Award for his portrayal of "Little Charles" Aiken


Beverly Weston Geoffrey Bonwick   
Violet Weston Kim Anderson
Barbara Fordham Angela Phillips     
Bill Fordham Dan Bellis
Jean Fordham Alanah Parkin           
Ivy Weston Alexandria Avery
Karen Weston Britni Leslie                                                             Mattie Fae Aitken Janet Reid
Charlie Aiken Michael Young                                                         "Little Charles" Aiken Jacob Machin
Johnna Monevata Fiona Williams                                                   Steve Heidebrecht Peter Garratt
Sheriff Deon Gilbeau Corey Montry



Director Debbie Keyt
Musical Director Rhonda Vaughan
Choreographer Camilla Klesman
Stage Manager Lynda French
Creative Debbie Keyt / Georgy Charles / Lorraine Ellis / Stephen White

Our first pantomime! Bring the kids for a fun (and funny) retelling of a classic fairytale.


Cinderella Amy Gridley                 Sir Osis Bernie Kinsella  Prince Omar Moustafa                  Minnie Mary Bryant       
Dobbin Ross Hand                        Nellie Tracey Mitchell
Poo-Ella Michael Young                Postman Pete Steve Morris  Chaznay/Molly Mouse Aynsley Mitchell
King/Ghost Lorraine Ellis              Pandora Spocks Andrea Bashfield         Norma Sputtecks/Mandy Mouse Sarah Green
Fairy Godmother Georgy Charles Tom Fiona Williams                                Aggie/Maisie Mouse Sienna Clarke
Rubella Justin Keyt                       Dick Kerry Hollier                                  Bessie/Millie Mouse Billee Valance
Salmonella Stuart Anderson          Gertie Sue Hand                                   Gus/Kitty Litter Ollie Culshaw
Buttons Chris Hunter                    Stanley Loreta Murphy                          Bobby Tyg Valance
Dandini Fraser Mitchell                 Harry Karen Shnider                              Henry James Crothers


Death By Fatal Murder

Director Robyn Morris

A whodunnit spoof that will end 2017 on a comedic high. Join Inspector Pratt as he investigates the latest goings-on at Bagshot House...


Inspector Pratt Neil Barnett
Constable Thomkins James Freeman
Enzo Garibaldi Stuart Anderson
Roger 'Stiff' Allwright Fraser Mitchell
Joan Maple Linda Morgan
Nancy Allwright Sophie McDowell
Ginny Farquhar Kirsty Hall
Blodwyn Morgan Annie Laurenson