2018 Season


Director Debbie Keyt
Musical Director Rhonda Vaughan
Choreographer Camilla Klesman

Nightclub sensation Velma murders her philandering husband, and Chicago's slickest lawyer, Billy Flynn, is set to defend her. But when Roxie also winds up in prison, Billy takes on her case as well -- turning her into a media circus of headlines. Neither woman will be outdone in their fight against each other and the public for fame and celebrity.


Velma Kelly Deanne Palmieri

Roxie Hart Amy Gridley

Billy Flynn Shannon Pincombe

Matron 'Mama' Morton Anne Gasko

Mary Sunshine D Calvert

Amos Hart Dan Bellis

Mona Cait Coffey-Wong

Go-To-Hell Kitty Madelaine Harte

Annie Mandie Lee

June Jessica Hickey

Hunyak Tess Howieson

Liz Jennifer Bush

Sergeant Fogarty/Judge/Harry Stuart Anderson

Aaron/Martin Harrison/Doctor Nicholas Armstrong

Fred Casely Justin Royce

Dancers Alana Spencer & Sarah Green


The Mystery of Irma Vep - A Penny Dreadful

Director Div Collins

The show is set in the English country estate of Lord Edgar Hillcrest. He's a widower, having lost his beloved wife, Irma Vep. He's recently remarried Lady Enid, a stage actress still uneasy with her new position as Lady of the manor. Indeed, her maid, Jane, doesn't think she'll ever measure up to Lady Irma. Meanwhile, Lord Edgar is disturbed by strange happenings out on the heath, including the monthly disappearance of his groundskeeper, Nicodemus. Fearing the estate is haunted, Lord Edgar goes on an expedition to Egypt to discover the secrets of what truly lies behind the mystery of Irma Vep.

The play is a wonderful theatrical smorgasbord, combining Hammer horrors, Shakespeare, Wuthering Heights, and the Victorian Penny Dreadful. With impossibly quick costume changes, it soon soars to dizzying heights of ridiculousness - a hilarious spectacle of ludicrous proportions.

kristina2 (1).jpg


Actor Patt Ryan

Actor Jonathan Best


Director Barbara Crawford

Rose is a charming and dignified old maiden lady, who, after many years of being on her own, is living out her twilight years in a country nursing home which has strong links to her younger days.

As Rose's health declines, past and present in her mind begin to melt into one. She recalls vivid memories of the Great War and we learn something of her family and personal life through several flash-back scenes and we see different attitudes to romance and life which separate the generations.


Rose Judy Corderoy

Bridget Julia Day

Young Rose Emily Holding

Edward Stuart Anderson

James /Peter Alex Ashcroft

Matron/Mother Kim Anderson

Father/Doctor Stephen White


Snoopy - The Musical

Director Danny Forward
Musical Director Tim Verdon
Choreographer Kristy Griffin

Based on the timeless comic strips of Charles M Schulz, Snoopy: The Musical is a lesser known and performed sequel to the perennial community theatre favourite, You're Good Man, Charlie Brown.

The iconic characters, Charlie and Sally Brown, Lucy and Linus Van Pelt, Peppermint Patty, Woodstock and, of course, Snoopy, take to the stage for a series of vignettes and songs inspired by the comics. 

In turns hilarious and heart-warming, Snoopy: The Musical is as family-friendly, warm and fuzzy as its eponymous hero.