Notice of Beaumaris Theatre Inc. Annual General Meeting


By order of the Management Committee and Trevor Osburn, President, Beaumaris Theatre Inc.

When: Wednesday 20th February 2019, 7.30pm

Where: At Beaumaris Theatre 82 Wells Road

The 2018 Reports will be presented and tabled at this meeting and all our members are invited to attend and join us for supper afterwards. Our AGM will be followed by a normal business meeting.


1. Welcome

2. Confirmation of the minutes of the Annual General Meeting held Wednesday 21st February 2018

3. Presidents report

4. Treasurer’s report

5. Appointment of Auditor for 2019

6. Nomination of committee members

7. Ratification of new Life Members

8. Any other business

Any other agenda items to be forwarded to the Secretary either by mail, PO Box 7230 or by email seven days prior to AGM.


Nominations to the Beaumaris Theatre Inc. Committee must be made prior to the Annual General Meeting and sent to the theatre Secretary either by mail, PO Box 7230 or by email All nominees must hold Beaumaris Theatre membership.