They Came from Mars and Landed Outside the Farndale Avenue Church


Saturday 16 november 9am - 4pm

Written by David McGillvray & Walter Zerlin Jr.

Directed by Robyn Morris

The Farndale Avenue ladies are performing the story of a Martian who wants to steal the newly invented Roberta the Robot in order to learn the secrets of macrame. Trouble is, the actress playing the robot has been accidentally dosed up with a handful of Valium, the lady playing the leading man is stuck in the toilet with the runs and everyone is having trouble with their lines.

So awful it's funny!

Audition Details

Auditions are by appointment only. Each audition will go for approximately 15 minutes.


How to book an audition

Click on an audition time below and complete the short form. If you have any questions please contact Robyn on 0439 979 811 or



Mrs. Phoebe Reece is the Chair of the Guild for the past decade. She is elegant, bossy and enterprising; 50s

Thelma is quick-tempered prima donna who plays the Vicar's children Jimmy and Susan in the play; late 40s 

Gordon is a stage manager who joins the play last minute as the Vicar because of another actors illness. He is married to Felicity; 20s-30s

Felicity is a nervous, well-meaning but incompetent actress. She is married to Gordon; 20s-30s

Norah is a cheerful member of the Guild who has a valium mishap. She takes on the role of the Vicar's housekeeper, Mrs Thompkins; 50s


Performance Season

28th February - 14th March