The Mystery of Irma Vep

25 May - 9 June


The Mystery of Irma Vep is a wonderful theatrical smorgasbord, combining Hammer horrors, Shakespeare, Wuthering Heights, and the Victorian Penny Dreadful. With impossibly quick costume changes, it soon soars to dizzying heights of ridiculousness – a hilarious spectacle of ludicrous propositions!

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The show is set in the English country estate of Lord Edgar Hillcrest. He's a widower, having lost his beloved wife, Irma Vep. He's recently remarried Lady Enid, a stage actress still uneasy with her new position as Lady of the manor. Indeed, her maid, Jane, doesn't think she'll ever measure up to Lady Irma. Meanwhile, Lord Edgar is disturbed by strange happenings out on the heath, including the monthly disappearance of his groundskeeper, Nicodemus. Fearing the estate is haunted, Lord Edgar goes on an expedition to Egypt to discover the secrets of what truly lies behind the mystery of Irma Vep.


Actor One Jonathan Best
Actor Two Patt Ryan

Production Team

Director Div Collins
Stage Manager Kristina Doucouliagos
Stage Crew Chris Hunter, Justin Keyt and Stuart Anderson
Co- Set Designer Chris Churchward
Costume Coordinators Deborah Carpenter and Cheryllyn de Vries
Lighting Design Cam Trijbetz

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