Introducing the Snoopy - The Musical cast!

Beaumaris Theatre Inc is thrilled to announce the cast of Snoopy - The Musical! 

Director Danny Forward | Musical Director Tim Verdon | Choreographer Kristy Griffin


Snoopy Tony Burge

Charlie Brown Rourke Puksand

Lucy Candice Sweetman

Peppermint Patty Allie Sutherland

Linus Nic Russ

Sally Brown Ashleigh Psaila

Woodstock Daniel Baker

Snoopy - The Musical will run from 9 - 23 November, 2018

The Actor’s Experience with Judy Corderoy

Rose is a spirited, wise old woman (much older than me I’m delighted to say!). Nearing the end of her life, she is content to live her last months in the company of her memories of the most significant period of her life - World War I. She is a woman of courage and conviction but vulnerability and doubt are there beneath the surface of her brave words. In this she is like most of us in the face of death and the unknown. It’s only the young who think they will never die.

Back in the Day - How It All Started

Have you ever wondered how the Talbot Tattler or Talbot Awards received their name?


Bill and Angela Martin moved from England to Beaumaris with their young family in the 1950s when it was a very new suburb and one favoured by artistes. The Martin's made their new home at grandiose Talbot House, 28 Cromer Road Beaumaris. Bill and Angela were thespians and Angela missed her performing so her husband Bill built her a theatrette in the attic of their home in 1953. It housed about twenty audience members and had a small stage and dressing room. Angela and her friends performed English comedies for their friends and the proceeds went to charity.  The ladies would wear fur coats and jewels and the gentlemen would wear dinner suits and there would be a lavish supper to follow the performance.


The events were extremely popular and demand for tickets far exceeded the space available so the Martins along with other members of the Beaumaris  Players worked very hard to have the theatre space we now know in Wells Road purpose built to cater for larger audiences. For 60 years now an illustrious troupe of thespians from all walks of life and various backgrounds have been treading the prestigious boards laid by Bill and Angela way back when…

Director's Notes with Barbara Crawford

A production is a collaboration between playwright, director, actors and crew, each supporting the hard work being contributed by the rest of the team. The director is rather like an orchestra conductor keeping everyone in tune. My approach to directing is strongly influenced by my background as an actor, which means I have my own ideas about how the play should look but welcome the input from the performer.  A good performance is only given when the actor is comfortable with the interpretation of the role and is invested in it.

I am drawn to plays that have a little bit of magic about them. In Echoes we see the memories of an old lady being brought to life and can share her happy and sad times. So much more powerful than just reading the words, we see the emotion and tumult that the people who lived through the First World War were subjected to.

I love to use music and lighting to create illusions and atmosphere. In the previous play I directed I made use of audio visual effects and wove them into the action on stage, which was another kind of magic.

The secret to directing a great production is casting well, and I am delighted to say that for Echoes I have cast extremely well! This talented group will ensure that you enjoy a wonderful evening of theatre, and it might even bring a tear to your eye!

Echoes is playing at Beaumaris Theatre from 17 August - 1 September 2018.