Introducing your 2018 Committee

At last month's Annual General Meeting the 2018 Beaumaris Theatre Committee were elected and we're thrilled to be welcoming three new Committee Members who have been invaluable members of the Beaumaris Theatre community over the last few years.

Trevor Osburn - President                              Stephen Morris - Vice-President & Public Officer
Robyn Morris - Treasurer                               Debbie Keyt - Secretary 
Amelia Little                                                   Chris Hunter
Dan Bellis                                                        Deb Carpenter
Fred Pezzimenti                                             Jenni Osburn
Kristina Doucouliagos                                    Lynda French

To help you get to know our new Committee Members, Dan, Amelia and Lynda, we asked each to share a fun fact about themselves.


Dan: My original performing goals were in voice-over. I became interested in performing when my sisters would rope me into playing Barbies with them. They sacked me when I tried to make the Barbies sound like Homer Simpson and Bill Clinton. Apparently, early 90s Barbies weren’t ready for my theatrics but I had developed a love of mimicry and biting social satire that stays with me to this day.

Amelia: I am the singer in a 90s alternative grunge band called Sukie and the Devil. We have just bought the band back together after a 10-year break.

The name of the band is paying homage to the Jack Nicholson and Michelle Pfeiffer characters in The Witches of Eastwick.

Lynda: As a child, I performed all the time in my bedroom and used my walk in robe as the stage. Nowadays I always love houses with walk in robes and assess them for performance potential!