Flowers For Algernon

May 2016


Based on a sci-fi short story and subsequent novel, Flowers for Algernon is a play which follows a period in the life of Charlie Gordon, a mentally-disabled man who becomes the test subject for a new intelligence-enhancing surgical technique. But what are the side-effects? And is the life of a genius all it's cracked up to be?

Director Jane Court
Assistant Directors Fraser Mitchell / Dean Mitrousis



Charlie Mark Briggs
Dr Strauss Genevieve Neve
Professor Nemur Marcus Connor
Alice Kinian Ebony Erez
Burt Sheldon Ronnie Feldman
Doris Mandy Lay
Nurse Lana Stojanovic
Joe Stuart Scullin
Frank Stephen White
Mrs Donner Kerry Hollier
Gina Mandy Lay
Mrs Feldman Lana Stojanovic
Matt Gordon Colin Sephton
Rose Gordon Margot Sephton
Ellen Candice Bennett
Norma as a child Arabelle Jeffrey / Madeleine Maes
Charlie as a teenager Rad Valance
Charlie as a child Sol Stark / Tyg Valance
Bernice Mandy Lay
Connie Fiona Williams
Mrs Mooney Loreta Murphy
Mrs Nemur Lana Stojanovic
Jackie Wellberg Kerry Hollier
Anne Wellberg Fiona Williams
Hyram Harvey Stephen White
Norma Gordon Candice Bennett

Congratulations to Mark Briggs on his Victorian Drama League Award for his portrayal of Charlie.