March 2016


The musical made famous by John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John's on-screen performances comes to Beaumaris Theatre! Enter the highly stylised world of high-school in the fifties, replete with fast cars, cool guys and gorgeous girls.

grease-flier (1).png

Director Debbie Keyt
Musical Director Rhonda Vaughan
Choreographer Camilla Klesman


Sandy Amy Gridley
Danny Ash Cooper
Rizzo Amelia Little
Kenickie Fraser Mitchell
Frenchy Kate Seinfeld
Marty Amy Harrington
Jan Ebony Erez
Doody Josh Pratt
Roger Chris Hunter
Sonny Stuart Anderson
Teen Angel Justin Royce
Patty Chloe Sinclair
Cha-Cha Daniella Boynton
Eugene Justin Keyt
Miss Lynch Sue Hand
Vince Fontaine Mark Christie
Johnny Casino Dean Di Christo