2018 In Review

What an incredible year of theatre it has been at Beaumaris Theatre! We asked our four directors to reflect back on their four outstanding productions.


How do you measure the success of a show?

In a musical the music must be memorable and coupled with a good book or script. The story needs a strong narrative that keeps the audience engaged and gives them an emotional connection,

Assembling an excellent creative team is vital and they are chosen for their individual expertise and it’s imperative they work together. Securing a talented, passionate cast who are believable in their roles and take the audience on a journey is everything!

Finally, theatre needs an audience and when they’re reached on an emotional level and the stage and theatre are as one, it’s priceless. Those moments where the hairs stand up on the back of your neck or the audience jump to their feet is sheer bliss.

Chicago had all of the above. Iconic show stopping numbers and beautiful ballads and a great script with flawed but loveable characters. Our creative team were the best and achieved artistic brilliance individually and collectively. Our remarkable cast played their roles to perfection and their singing, dancing and acting was phenomenal. Our audiences completed the picture and we sold our out ten show season in record time and added two additional shows which sold out within days of release. The capacity crowds ‘whistled, stomped and stamped on the floor, yelling, screaming, and begging for more”! Chicago was not only a success, it was a theatrical triumph and a marvellous opening act to our 2018 season.

Debbie Keyt- Director

The Mystery of Irma Vep

It’s July 2017 and I’m sitting at the end of a small table at Beaumaris Theatre, pitching plays to their selection committee. We come to The Mystery of Irma Vep, I hear myself actually say the words, “This is the play I’m going to try and talk you out of staging.” They do not listen to me.

It’s March 2018 and just five people have shown up to audition. Patt never saw the notice, neither did Jonathan, yet here they are. They read together and their chemistry is there from the start.

It’s June 2018 and the cast and crew are taking their final bows. I feel such pride and gratitude.

It’s December 2018, typing this reflection a few days after the Talbots and VDL Awards. Much of our hard work has been acknowledged, and, looking back, I’m so fortunate for how Beaumaris made me feel so at home. It’s been the best of times.

Div Collins - Director


On the surface, Echoes appears to be a play with a dark theme. Put simply it is about an old lady who is dying in a Nursing Home and is remembering her youth as her life slips away. In reality, the play is anything but dark - full of hope and joy, kindness and caring and most of all love, a love that lasts forever.

The cast was wonderful, they understood the emotion in the play and every night the audience was brought to tears, not an easy thing to do and is a sign of truly believable performances. I loved that I had young actors taking their first major dramatic roles working alongside seasoned actors who shared their experience quietly and supportively.

As director, I was so lucky to have an efficient team of designers, operators and set builders working tirelessly to achieve what I felt was a beautiful play to look at and listen to.

Thank you all!

Barbara Crawford- Director

Snoopy - The Musical

Directing Snoopy - The Musical for Beaumaris Theatre has been the most satisfying and heartwarming of experiences. I say ‘directing’, but, I would rather substitute the verbs ‘facilitating’, ‘collaborating on’ and ‘producing’. It was truly a group effort.

As a relative novice to the role of Director, I can’t begin to thank the village of people who brought this beautiful, little show to life, especially those who rose above and beyond their initial remits. It was so lovely to receive responses from audience members for whom we provided joy and escape, some who were experiencing difficult times. The bonus was working in an environment of love and joy with an amazingly talented and lovely creative team, cast and crew. Sigh.

Danny Forward - Director