An Actors Experience with Amy Gridley

In high school, I performed in the Chicago ensemble and loved the leading female roles. When I heard that Beaumaris Theatre was doing it I had to audition. All of the auditionees were asked to create a monologue about the story of Chicago from their characters’ points of view. This gave me a great opportunity to look a little deeper into Roxie Hart’s character.


I had seen Roxie portrayed in many different ways and found that I was most drawn to the vulnerable side of Roxie. She is a very selfish, immature character but I think it is important that she is still liked by the audience. I have loved the challenge of 'becoming Roxie' and trying to find that balance of a love/hate relationship with her. 

At our first rehearsal, Debbie told all of us to start a journal from our characters' points of view. Before each rehearsal, I would write down everything that I thought

Roxie would be thinking during the upcoming scene and then add anything extra that I had picked up whilst blocking the song and dance numbers with Camilla and Rhonda.

Developing relationships with the other characters took time as I learnt more about the direction the other actors were going with their characters. 

Production week my favourite part of the rehearsal period. Getting into costume,

hearing the band for the first time and having the sets and lights all really help to finish off becoming the character, especially one like Roxie who lives for the limelight.

I cannot wait for opening night and I hope everyone loves the show as much as I have loved being a part of it!

Amy Gridley 
Amy is currently starring as Roxie Hart in Chicago.