Director's Notes with Danny Forward

I was introduced to Snoopy: The Musical when it was part of the 1986 season of the Royal Queensland Theatre Company (now Queensland Theatre). Despite being a poor university student, I managed to rummage the funds to see it on more than one occasion, then again the following year when it had a return season on the Gold Coast. I had grown up reading the Peanuts comics and watching the television specials and developed a love for these characters and their world. Add my passion for musical theatre to the mix, and I immediately fell in love with the show.

Fast-forward 18 years to 2004 and I saw the revised London West End revival production, the version we will be presenting in November. Four new songs had been added, and the script significantly tightened-up. My love affair continued.

Snoopy cast: Allie Sutherland, Tony Burge, Candice Sweetman, Rourke Puksand, Daniel Baker, Ashleigh Psaila and Nic Russ.

Snoopy cast: Allie Sutherland, Tony Burge, Candice Sweetman, Rourke Puksand, Daniel Baker, Ashleigh Psaila and Nic Russ.

Fast-forward another 10 years and I relocated to Melbourne, becoming involved with Beaumaris Theatre Inc a year later for umpteen shows over the next few years. I proposed Snoopy to the committee for their end-of-year show in 2010. However, the President at the time deemed the show 'too American'. On the upside, my backup plan of (the very American) I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change was approved and turned out to be, not only critically acclaimed but, one of my most joyous theatrical experiences.

Fast-forward another 8 years to 2017. Beauy had opened up production submissions for their 2018 season. I approached various creative and production talents I had previously worked with to be on-board (all of whom accepted), and once again submitted a proposal for Snoopy. After a rigorous selection process, our show was given the green light!


Fast-forward to today. Despite admittedly few auditionees, we were able to easily cast. The quality far surpassed the quantity, and no compromises were made. At the time of writing this, we're two weeks into rehearsals. The cast have not only learnt but revised all the songs, we have blocked 4 numbers, and the cast have had tap classes... over six rehearsals!

I am thrilled to be back at Beauy and working with these remarkably talented, devoted and beautiful Peanuts, in collaboration with my ridiculously talented and lovely creative team, Tim and Kristy.

Danny Forward - Director