Becoming Leonard

by Bruce Hardie, Leonard in Seminar

Last November I was just launching into a great season of Sylvia at Peridot Theatre and looking around for what could be next. I'd seen Seminar when another group did it a year or so ago (I'd even auditioned for it) and definitely had that on the list. I was one of the last to audition as I had to come to the session that was not on a show night for me. I'd worked with Kirsten before and got to meet Dan for the first time. Dan was a great scene buddy and I felt like I was able to put my best foot forward in the audition. I headed home feeling hopeful that I was, at least, in the mix.


I got the call from the production team as I pulled into my driveway. It was a very happy moment.

And the happy moments kept coming. This is a really collaborative team creating this show. Kirsten and Dan really work with us, finding the good and nudging us towards better. The cast are really giving and sharing. This show features a lot of high density speeches and monologues; It would be easy to be looking inwards as actors, but instead everyone is inclusive and sharing, looking for opportunities to bring everyone else into the scene. A prima donna would be so out of place in this group.

And the Beaumaris production team is making our lives too easy. The set is forming around us, costumes are appearing, props are in place. This is my first show at Beaumaris and I have no intention of it being my last.