The Actor's Experience

by Alex Ashcroft

Working on Pillow Talk’s been a really interesting experience for me – growing up, most of the plays I worked on were by Shakespeare, or someone very much like him. As time went on, I worked on more and more contemporary shows, but never one where the writer was sat in the room, seeing my interpretation of their work.

It’s been fascinating being in rehearsals with Andy, as it’s highlighted just how much interpretation goes on from the moment the playwright downs tools and the moment the actor speaks the words from the page. Some things I spotted and highlighted were very different to how he’d imagined them spoken when he wrote them, to his delight, and some things he’d put in I completely missed until he pointed them out. Being able to workshop ideas like this with both writer and director in the same person has been a completely new, unique experience for me, and I’ve learned a lot from working on this show!

As for the cast, I honestly can’t speak higher of them – each and every one of them has slipped into the role as though it was made for them.

Caity, who’s been my partner in every scene throughout the course of this show, perfectly captures the essence of Henri – what she wants, she gets, and all with a mischievous sense of humour that Caity has spot on! It’s been great to bounce ideas back and forth with her, and to be in a show where we can get away with snacks onstage!

Rod and Annie are incredibly well paired, and both embody the spirits of their characters with ease. Rod’s been a great source of inspiration throughout this show, with me working to reasonably seem like a younger version of him. Annie… Annie is hilarious, as always, and I’m going to have to work hard not to laugh too loudly backstage!

There could absolutely be no better Cassie than Siobhan – when she walks onstage, she becomes the epitome of a self-centred, technology-addicted young person that exasperates and endears in one breath.

And finally it’s been a pleasure to work with Steve again, who as in Echoes has some meaty lines to deliver, which he does with his usual gravitas and grace. Once again he finds himself playing a politician – he seems to be rather good at it!

While a show like this could be light on the technical side of things, the direction Andy has spearheaded has been anything but. Without our crack team of set builders, stage management, lighting and sound the show would definitely be the less, and between them they do a fine job of… Well, come and see the show to find out what they get up to!

Pillow Talk has been an incredible show to work on, with a great script, laughs and tears, and an experienced and competent team. I hope you come and see the show for yourself to find out just how true this is!

Pillow Talk will run at Beaumaris Theatre from 16-31 August